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Non Full-Time Applicants

September 18th, 2015 by Dr Ian Walker

We had a few petitions this year by individuals who wanted to take advantage of our new policy regarding non-full time undergraduate work. (see section 3.9 of the manual).  Keep in mind that the point of this policy was not to suggest that PT studies were as predictive of success as FT studies.  They are not.   There are applicants, however, who for reasons completely beyond their control (the ones we are most concerned about was health and financial) have been unable to complete two full time undergraduate years.  Our feeling is that there still needs to be a path to the MD for these people.  This year we received about 10 requests, and granted 4.  Important to note that the committee only granted the request when they were satisfied that the applicant showed significant academic ability and had bona fide reasons for being unable to attend full time.  Again, it will be very interesting to follow these applicants should they ultimately be successful, and see how they do in the program.

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  • I’m surprised that the full-time status is determined yearly rather than by terms like some other schools. If I understand, you can basically have a “part-time” 9 credit term and still keep your full-time status by UCAN criteria by completing at least 15 credits dring the other term of that year.

  • How does the admissions committee feel with regards to applicants who are currently employed, but are looking for a career change, and because of their current employment are only able to participate in undergrad studies on a part-time basis?

    For example. Person A has a degree in education, but has now realized after being a teacher for multiple years that they want to pursue a career in medicine. In order to support their family they have to continue working, but apply for and complete an after degree in science on a part-time basis. How would the part-time after degree be counted?

    Thank you.