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February 9th, 2016 by Dr Ian Walker

Seems I caused a minor tremor in the pre-med pscyhe with my earlier comment that our MMI was evolving a bit, and might not look entirely like the old stations we have posted on line.  Attached is a document that is going out to all interviewees today, and which discusses this evolution (amongst other more banal details).  The bottom line is that though the MMI content may not be predictable, it is certainly not random, and we are explicitly trying to limit the number of opportunities we provide applicants to provide us with formulaic responses.  Best of luck to all the interviewees.  Please kick back, be yourselves, and enjoy the process.

MMI Info Sheet for Applicants

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  • Hi Dr. Walker,

    I know this is unrelated to the topic listed, but I thought it may be slightly easier to sift through 5 comments rather than ~50. I know on the website it lists that MCAT CARS scores, and particularly your highest score is used for the MCAT section. In addition I know that under global academic merit all sections of the MCAT are considered alongside other components. But, I was wondering how multiple MCATs are looked at. In my case for example, my first MCAT was balanced and high, the second was imbalanced (with the drop in the new section), and I hope the third (god help me) is balanced and high. Hard to speculate, but will the multiple MCATs count unfavorably in my application?

  • Did anyone else read that info sheet and gain the strong desire to find and try to separate those two metal objects in addition to learning valuable information about the MMI?

    *hopes for puzzle station*

  • Much appreciated – Thank you Dr. Walker!

  • Thanks for this! I really appreciate U of C MD admissions for your transparency.

    • Cheers Dr. Walker and the rest of the admissions team, as always.

      Quick question
      – you mentioned the group stations will be longer. Roughly how long? North or south of 15 mins?