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Update for Waitlisters, May 31st 2016

May 31st, 2016 by Dr Ian Walker

The deadline for accepting or rejecting our initial offers of admission has come and gone.  We had sufficient room to begin making offers off the waitlist late last week, and made a few more yesterday.  In total we have made between 15 and 20 waitlist offers.

Here is the current “state of the union”.  For the first time in my tenure of 8 years, all our non-Albertan spots are spoken for.  We may yet have someone who changes their minds and declines after having accepted, but in the meantime, there will be no more offers off the waitlist for Non-Albertan residents.  For Albertans, we have 6 unfilled spots, and 6 outstanding offers.  As most people who are going to accept do so very quickly when they get their offer, I suspect that most if not all of those 6 are ultimately going to decline their offers.  Between those 6 spots and a handful of people who I suspect will yet change their minds, I suspect we will be looking at a total of 10-15 further offers off the waitlist.

In the coming days, those on the bottom of the waitlist, who have virtually no chance of getting an offer this year, will be advised of that fact so that they can proceed with making other plans.  If you don’t hear from us, it is because we think you are still within the potentially “live” part of the waitlist.

On a related note, if you are on the waitlist, and have already made the decision to go elsewhere, please let us know so that we may remove you and increase the efficiency of the process for others.

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  • Dr Walker: Thank you for continuing to update us on the situation. It is agonising being on a waitlist, and it’s nice to have some information so that we can think about any next steps.

  • Dr. Walker: First, thank you for this update! Second, do you know when you will start sending the emails to notify those of us on the bottom of the list?


    • It will probably be a few days yet. Everything is still very fluid right now, since people are still getting offers elsewhere. I suspect Monday, but that is not a guarantee.

      • Hi Dr Walker,
        Will the admissions committee, in the future, consider telling the middle third and the bottom third of the waitlist that they are in the bottom or middle third in the initial email so that applicants have a more realistic sense of whether they need to look into alternate plans earlier in the acceptance process?

        • No, we have considered it in the past, but have elected not to. The problem is that then people will want to know if they are in the top half of the middle third, and so on. The reality is that being on the waitlist, while better than being rejected, is painful, and we can’t change that fact. Our commitment to people is that when it becomes clear that people near the bottom of the waitlist will not be getting off, we will let them know.