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Two Weeks to Interviews

February 5th, 2017 by Dr Ian Walker

Interviews will be in full swing in two weeks.

All told, we invited 537 people to interview, or about 37% of our applicant pool.  Once again, this is a new record low percentage for us, and underscores the competitive nature of this process.  Basically, as an applicant, you have a one in three chance of getting interviewed, which are not great odds, and I am quite certain we turn down hundreds and hundreds of people for interview who would be outstanding physicians.  I hope that those of you who did not secure an interview spot this year keep that in mind.  For those of you who have interviews elsewhere, congratulations, and good luck.

We continue to have staffing challenges in our office, and may not be able to respond to emails and phone calls as promptly as we would like.  Thankfully, there have not been two many, and other than a couple of people registering for the last MMI spot in a certain circuit at the exact same millisecond, the scheduler worked like a charge.

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  • How is your school specifically dealing with GPA inflation?

    • There is no specific approach to this issue. Its an issue, for sure. All we have to go on, though, is the GPA that is reported on applicants transcripts and which they enter into UCAN. For reasons that I have gone into a length elsewhere on this blog, we simply cannot / will not begin a process of attempting to judge or adjust the relative worth of GPA’s at different undergraduate institutions or within particular programs.

      • Thank you for your response.

        If GPA inflation is a concern, do you personally feel something should be done?

        If you can’t, why not? Could you please provide some specific reasons or why adjustments wouldn’t currently work. What have you tried to do in the past?

        • For better or worse, I have nothing further to add to this conversation beyond what I discussed with you previously, here:
          While I appreciate that you do not like the answer that I have previously provided or find it convincing, it is the only one I am able to provide.

          • Ok, thank you for your answer.

            I’ve asked for the rationale, the reasons, and any evidence you could provide to better understand the policy. While you have provided some answers, there are many questions that remain unanswered.

            It truly is disappointing that a clear answer on why the policy exists in its current form cannot be provided. It’s also disappointing that a publicly funded program cannot be more transparent and accountable to the public when they develop their policies.

  • Generally how many total offers do you make either directly and from the waitlist? Thanks