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Last week of the Current Application Cycle – Our Phones are Off

September 26th, 2017 by Dr Ian Walker

Hello everyone.

As you many of you are aware, the volume of phone calls and emails to our office have required us to turn off our phone answering machine.  The reason for this should be pretty clear, but in case it is not, dealing with emails, which can be filed and referenced is the most efficient way to respond to as many applicant concerns as possible in a timely manner.  Answering the phones not only delays that process, but creates difficult-to-track duplication of efforts which is a waste of everyones time.  It would be lovely if we had a bank of staff members who could answer calls, but we do not, and have to be efficient with the resources we have.

Concerns will be addressed in a priority order based on when the email was received, and attempts to access the staff through other means (calling me directly, stopping by the office, visiting the UME office, etc.) will have no bearing on that priority.

Know that if you do everything as it is described in the Applicant Manual, you should be ok.  At the end of the day, however, we cannot be responsible for the last minute crises in a process that has been ongoing for three months, although we will do our very best to help as many people as possible.

Good luck to everyone on their applications.

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  • Mine also says “Application Submitted”. I called the office this morning and was informed that it is “normal” and the status blurb has been removed for applicants.

  • Hi Dr. Walker,

    I noticed that in the 2014 cycle, you released what stage of the process each applicants file was on UCAN (for example, “at screening” or “first screening complete”. I don’t know if you also did this last year, but I was wondering if you are going to be releasing our application status on UCAN this cycle? Or will our UCANs just say “Application submitted” until we get our interview decisions?

    Thanks 🙂

    • It should show you where in the process you are. As of this am, for instance, it should say “being reviewed by file reviewers” or some such thing. There are still a handful of files that are at “Application Submitted” because of issues we were having with transcript verification so don’t panic if that is your status.

    • It should tell you where you are in the process. We still have a handful of people at “Application Submitted” due to some issues we had verifying transcripts, though, so don’t panic if that is you. If your application has been closed, you should see a record of that and you should have received an automated email informing you of that change.

  • Hi Dr. Walker,

    When can we expect the reference statistics to be released for the class of 2020 (2016-17 Cycle)?


  • Could we please know how many complete applications you received this year? Thanks for your response in advance.

    • Still sorting that out, since we don’t include people who did not get their transcripts to us by the deadline or people whose MCAT scores were not release. Likely around 1600

  • Hi Dr. Walker,

    Do the Top 10s appear to the reviewers in the order that an applicant inputs them into UCAN (starting with the first entry entered to the last entry entered)? Or are the reviewers seeing them in chronological order starting from earliest date to most recent date?


    • When you finish your application, on the Payment page there is an option to print your entire application. The top 10s are listed in order from Earliest (e.g. 2002) to Latest (e.g. 2017)