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Reference Stats for 2016-17

November 20th, 2017 by Dr Ian Walker

So, here they are.  They will be posted on our website shortly, but this is a sneak peak.  That said, the remarkable thing is how similar they are to the year before and year before that….

Take home messages.

More and more people keep applying, making odds lower and lower (its not catastrophic, but it is a slow steady decline).

It is REALLY hard to get in with a GPA less than 3.4.

The MCAT scores produced by our applicants are not at all representative of the MCAT scores achieved by the population at large.  A 500 is the mean MCAT score world wide, by definition.  For us it is north of 508, and anything less than a 500 puts you in the wrong tail of the bell curve.

Reference Stats 2017


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  • Hi Dr. Walker,

    I know this is a bit off topic, but I can’t stop thinking about it!!

    Are interview invites expected to go out late January (last year Jan 24), or will it be “early February” as listed on the website. Thanks!!!

  • Hi Dr. Walker,

    I just wanted to confirm that the 10 year exclusion rule and dropping the worst year from the GPA calculation can both be applied together. Will the worst year be dropped along with the worst year within the last 10 years, as long as there are more than two full time years still used for the calculation?

    Thank you!

    • The two things are unrelated. If you invoke the 10 year rule, we exclude everything older than 10 years from the calculation. The usual rules apply to the calculation itself. You can call Renee to clarify if that is not clear.

  • Hi Dr. Walker,
    I wanted to ask a question that I could not find the answer for in the application manual. I am currently studying my master of science degree (course based) in occupational therapy. How does my grad school GPA (OT school GPA) will be calculated when I apply to the MD program? I know for other master programs the gpa is calculated once the program is finished. Is that the case for my program as well? Thanks for your response in advance.

  • Hi Dr. Walker,

    Thank you for all this data!! There’s a lot of really fascinating info here! I find it interesting that the means for the unsuccessful applicants are quite similar to the total applicant pool, but the means of successful applicants are all significantly higher… but that makes sense, given the sheer number of people that apply.
    I know you’d never release this (or if you even track this), but I’d be curious to see which of these variables (MCAT, GPA, Interview score, subjective assessment score) correlates highest with student’s success in medical school, and in the medical field.
    Just tentatively, around when do you think that interviews will be held? would it be around the same time as last year; the last two weekends of Feb?

  • Thank you, Dr. Walker.
    For calculation of your CARS score, would you divide the difference between your score and the mean by the STD, multiply by 15, and (+/-) from 100 depending on whether you’re above or below?
    Does your overall MCAT then go into the determination of your overall academic performance?

    I apologize if these questions are overly specific.

    • That formula is more or less correct.
      Yes, the overall MCAT score is considered, as are all the section scores and several other things, in the overall academic score.

  • Hello Dr. Walker,
    Thanks for your time to do the work and create the stats. After reading the applicant manual, I had a question. The manual says that we should be cautious about the future changes the admission criteria might go through. I understand that we will know about the changes well ahead of time, but just out of curiosity, what type of changes are we expecting? Are those changes related to academic criteria or just the process in general?