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Applicant Update

January 11th, 2018 by Dr Ian Walker

So, we are approaching that fun point in the cycle where we make interview offers.  We still have a handful of reviews outstanding, but now 90% or more of the applicants are ready for an interview decision. Once we have all the reviews complete, we need to do a bit of a careful look at a few things that have been flagged, hold a committee meeting and produce some lists.  We are hoping that the offers will go out in that last week of January, which would give people 4 weeks to plan their lives.

Interviews this year are going to be a bit different.  There are going to be three different types of stations, and they will take place in two different circuits.  There will be a 7 station, traditional MMI, but also a second circuit that will consist of two longer format, semi structured interviewers with two assessors and one applicant, as well a 20 min group activity station, similar to what we have done the last couple of years.  Our feeling is that greater variety of types of assessments is fairer to a wider variety of applicants.  More details will be forthcoming for those invited to interview.


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  • Will the interview invites go through email and then applicants can pick their choice for the interview date (out of Feb 24, 25 and March 4)? Will be given a heads up through this blog the day before the interview invites are sent so we can be prepared to check our emails and choose our choice of date before they are all selected? Thanks.

    • Hi Ahmad, Based on previous years those fortunate to receive an interview will be sent an email with instructions on how and when to sign up for interview dates. Usually (unless different this year), the date to sign up comes several days after the initial invitation is sent out. However, those spots fill up pretty quickly on the day of so make sure you don’t sleep in if you’re looking for a particular date/time 🙂

      -Best Wishes

  • Which kinds of flagged items will the committee be looking at prior to interview offers?