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Random Question from an Applicant

February 22nd, 2018 by Dr Ian Walker

We got an email from an applicant who had apparently been trying to ask this question on another thread, but had been unable to do so – so I am cutting and pasting here.

“I’m not sure if this is the correct place to pose the question, but I wanted to ask about confidentiality during interviews. I realise that applicants are likely reminded to keep all the questions confidential – for reasons such as providing an unfair advantage.

However, do you also ask/require interviewees to keep the identity of other applicants confidential? Although this is not a problem for most, some applicants do not want another party knowing that they applied, i.e. their employer, their friends, others in their program, or some other party. I think it might be natural for an interviewee to state “oh hey, I saw so and so at the UofC med school interviews” without thinking they were doing any harm or violating anyone’s desire for confidentiality. Is this something that is considered? Are applicants expected to keep this info confidential?”

Yes, we do expect applicants to keep the nature of the interview stations confidential.  We don’t ask them to keep the identity of other people who they meet at interviews confidential.  Essentially that is between the two people who know each other.  It is also not something that we can police, or that we would consider some kind of ethical breach.  Your question serves as a good reminder to applicants, however, that they cannot assume that everyone else’s status as a medical school applicant is public knowledge, and some discretion might be helpful.

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  • Hi Dr. Walker,

    Could you please provide an estimate of the number or % of non-Albertan interviewees that are typically offered admission?

    Thank you!

  • Hello Dr. Walker,

    I was wondering if your admissions team have come up with a released date for admission results. Or even a rough estimate as to whether it will be late April or early May?

    Thank you

  • Hi Dr. Walker,

    I realize it’s early to be asking this however are you able to share anything regarding the admission release date? The website states the results will be released early May, can we assume that as the first week of May?

    Thank you!

    • We never commit to anything firmly, since there are too many factors that can come into play. That said, I suspect it will be before the end of the first week of May. I will also say that we will not sit on the decision unnecessarily. In other words, when we are ready to make offers, we will make them.

  • Hello Dr. Walker,

    I was wondering if the GPA calculations will be recalculated using courses completed during the year of application at the time of conditional acceptance (or in determining it). Or if the UCAN calculated grade is final.

    I ask this because I have had some unsettling family circumstances which occurred at the beginning of this year. This has impacted my GPA. I understand that in the extremely rare event that I am offered conditional acceptance, that I need to have maintained a 3.2 throughout the year. However, I have committed myself to a few activities (that can’t be dropped) and I see a slight chance of that <3.2 occurring.

    Thank you for your time,

    • Apologies, to clarify, I am worried about this change in GPA affecting two situations:

      1) Pre-interview GPA score (I don’t see how it would, but am asking just in case)

      2) Conditional Acceptance requirements

      Thanks again,

    • The GPA in UCAN stays, but any offer of admission is conditional upon maintaining a GPA of 3.2 in the current year. If you do not maintain that GPA, your offer would be revoked. Its pretty cut and dry in our rules. Not much we can do about it.

      • Hello Dr. Walker,

        Thank you for your reply! I realized that the answers to my questions were found the manual. I apologize for that, my anxiety got the better of me.


  • Is the MMI still graded based on two rubrics scored out of 10?

  • Hi Dr Walker. Question – in the group activity during the MMI, will we be scored individually or as a group? thanks.

  • Dear Dr. Walker,
    Would it be possible to give us some information about what the weight of the traditional, panel stations is in our total interview score?
    Best regards

  • Thank you for the reply Dr. Walker, I really appreciate it.
    I did realise this would be impossible to police, just like it’s not possible to determine with certainty if applicants keep questions confidential. I had not realised that there is no perceived issue with sharing someone’s application status with others when you do not know if they do/do not want this. Thank you for also pointing out that not everyone is in the same situation and discretion could be useful. Thanks again for responding to the post,
    Kind regards.

  • Given the MMI now is longer than before, is it ok for men to attend the MMI with business casual (paint and shirt) instead of suit and tie ?Thanks

    • Not entirely sure what the relevance of the length of the MMI is. Two and a half hours vs one and three quarters? Certainly there is no dress code or specific requirements. The majority of applicants will be wearing suits. Is it a good thing or a bad thing to be different? Don’t know. “Professional Dress” if there is such a thing is important, no question. Not sure that mandates suit and tie though.
      At the end of the day, I would suggest you dress as you would for a job interview for a job with a six figure salary, because that’s what it is.
      Not sure that is super helpful, but I can’t be more definitive than that.