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Update for Applicants (Especially Wait-listers)

May 9th, 2018 by Dr Ian Walker

So, here we are, well into May and things are starting to take shape.  Although making offers early is really helpful for those accepted and those declined outright, it just makes the waiting process for waitlisters that much longer.

As an update, here is where we sit as of today.

There are 142 vacant spots in the incoming class (the rest are taken up by returning Leaders in Medicine students and deferrals from last year.)  So far, we have 92 Albertans and 10 non-Albertans enrolled for next year.  Another 45 or so Albertans and 35 non-Albertans who have received and offer but who have not yet responded.  I expect that the bulk of those are going to wind up declining our offer, but obviously cannot make any commitments until they do so.  Once the number of unspoken-for seats is more than the number of offers we have out there, we will start making offers to people on the waitlist, but based on past experience, I don’t expect that to happen until May 25th or the week after.

As always, we cannot (or will not) tell people where they are on the waitlist or attempt to estimate people’s chances of eventually getting in.  Our commitment to you, however, is that as the final picture begins to get clearer (usually around mid June) we will notify people if it looks like their chances of getting in are approaching zero based on the number of seats left and their place on the waitlist.


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  • Hi Dr. Walker,
    Thank you for your update. It really helps! I want to ask how the uptake of offers at this point in time (mid-May) in this cycle has been compared to previous years. Any rough prediction of how much the waitlist might move (more, less or probably the same as compared to previous years)? Any information you can provide will truly help a ton! Thank you!