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RE: Transcript Section and GPA Calculation back up in UCAN

July 25th, 2020 by Dr. Remo Panaccione

Dear Applicants,

The transcript section and GPA calculation is back up on the UCAN application website.

If you encounter any problems please let us know.

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  • Hi Dr. Remo Panaccione,

    I have seen a few comments like mine but wanted to write here first before contacting the office.

    I am a re-apply applicant (2019-2020 cycle). Because of this I have access to my previous application and have ensured that I entered all my grades identical to last cycle. I have NOT taken any additional courses over the last year and therefore my GPA calculations should be identical. Unfortunately this is not the case and my GPA for the 2020-2021 cycle is lower than form the 2019-2020. Can you please advise on why this may be the case/should I contact the office about it?

  • Hi Dr. Panaccione,

    I have a question regarding transcripts. I sent out my transcript in the second week of July as I did not want to experience any delays or problems with my application because of my transcripts being late or anything like that. However, I was noticing that UCAN was still showing the transcript as “not received” and it still is. I initially thought this may be due to the higher volume of transcripts that the office is getting but I realize now that it may be because I had not entered my grades into the system yet, so I am doing this right now.

    My question is, will I have to resend the transcripts or will it automatically show as received once I have entered all my grades and stopped editing the Transcript page of the application?

    As well, I have noticed that when I sent my transcripts out in July, the courses for which I was enrolled for Fall 2020 and Winter 2021 were for some reason not included as part of the transcript (I am not sure why). Therefore, will that be a problem? I will still enter the courses I am planning to take on UCAN but they will not be on the official transcript I sent out…is that okay or do I need to re-send my transcript?

    I would greatly appreciate some guidance in this regard as I felt relieved as I had sent out my transcripts early in the application cycle but now I am worried that I will have to resend them and whether or not they will be received in time.

    Thank you for taking the time to consider my questions!

  • Hi Dr. Panaccione,

    I have been experiencing issues with entering my grades into the Transcript section of the UCAN application. I am unable to make a selection for the “Location of School” field and therefore I am unable to enter my school name.
    I have updated Google Chrome and I have tried other web browsers, but nothing has worked for me so far.

    I’d appreciate any advice you have on this matter.


  • Please note that you require 18 graded credits per year for it to now be included in the GPA calculation.

    If you meet this criteria and still are having difficulty please email the office.

    We can not look iot this with ananonymous posts.

  • Hello Dr. Panaccione,

    I wanted to inquire about the UCAN GPA calculator. I have completed my undergratuate studies in 2012 as well as my Masters in 2014. I understand that my Graduate degree would be counted as 1 year equivalent to the overall GPA. I am noticing that the my GPA calculated in UCAN does not exclude my lowest GPA year. Would you be able to advise on this matter?

    Thank you

  • Hi Dr. Panaccione,

    My apologies if this sounds convoluted or rambling.
    I’m at the UofA and I’ve completed 3 years of undergraduate studies with full course loads in each year. I am beginning my fourth this September and am on track to graduate by June 30, 2021.
    I am noticing that when I enter my grades into UCAN’s GPA calculator, it is not excluding my lowest GPA year. Is this due to the fact that the UofA did not provide grades for my Winter 2021 courses (I entered them as P), and therefore I do not have enough credits to be eligible for the lowest GPA year exemption?

    Thank you

    • Did you check the box statng that your institution did not allow for numeric or letter grades in winter 2020?

      • Hi Dr. Panaccione,

        I did and I just attempted a recalculation to ensure I had checked the box. I’ve entered the exact same grades in other applications and I’m noting a difference of .15.

        • Please email me directly and I’ll look into this. Please refer to the fact you posted on the blog

          • Hello Dr. Panaccione,

            I have also found myself in a similar situation where the lowest year is not dropping with the box checked.

            Would this be due to the difference in the weight sum?

            Thank you!

          • Hello,

            Something odd is happening to me as well in this vein. I’ve input my grades the same was I’ve put them in for the previous 2 admission cycles, and my marks are substantially lower (0.20 GPA points). It seems as though maybe my lowest year is not being dropped, but I can’t be certain on what the problem is.

            Any advice on how to move forward would be greatly appreciated.

            Thank you,

          • Upon further investigation, I can provide a proposed explanation for why my GPA is being calculated incorrectly.

            It is not counting my completed Master’s degree GPA. This has been counted in both previous application cycles as the degree was conferred in 2017 and meets all the guidelines set by the application manual.

  • Hi Dr. Panaccione,

    I have applied for a 10 month graduate level certificate program in public policy for Fall 2020. Would I need to fill out a supplemental graduate form for this? It is technically not a graduate degree program where I will receive a Master or PhD degree, I would only receive a graduate certificate upon completion.


  • Hi Dr. Panaccione,

    I am curious how the GPA is calculated through UCAN if graduation is anticipated in the 2021 winter term. When I enter my grades and select “have either already received a Bachelor’s degree or anticipate receiving one by June 30 2021”, my overall GPA calculation still reflects my lowest academic year. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.



    • If you are in a four year degree it likely won’t matter. You have three years completed and therefore your GPA will be calculated as top two years . If you don’t graduate we reserve the right to recalculate your GPA

      • Thanks for getting back to me so quickly.

        I think the issue might be that I started my studies in a winter term due to pregnancy, and made up the remainder of my first year over the summer term. Therefore, I technically do not have a third completed full-time year during the September – April months, but still anticipate to graduate this year. Is this a scenario where I would be eligible to have the lowest (second) year dropped, or just apply with the calculated GPA in UCAN?

        Thanks again.

        • This explains it . Your GPA will be calculated using g your two fulfill time years between September and April so you won’t be eligible to have any of your years dropped.

  • Hello Dr. Panaccione,

    I just wanted to ask if or when scores from last cycle will be posted. Thank you!

  • We will not be releasing interview scores for the last cycle.

    • Thank you for the update! Now that this decision has been made is there anyway for the preinterview score to come out soon or is it still going to be mid-late August

      • There are many schools across the country who do not provide this type of feedback. We do so because of transparency. The disruption of COVID has hit many aspects of our processes, the way we work, and those of our partners.

        We would love to be able to have released the scores “yesterday” but unfortunately we don’t have the bandwith to do this at this time.

        We will do our utmost to deliver them as soon as possible.

  • Hello Dr. Panaccione,

    I am wondering why the ucan gpa calculated for me is so low. Is it possible for you to disclose the percentage to gpa conversions? The gpa calculated for me from my university is more than 0.2 higher than on the application (taking into account the lowest year dropped in both cases).

    Thank you.

    • I double checked the apendix section of the application manual and it is the same as the one used by my university. To test this system. I added a course with a grade of 80 and 79 in separate terms and noticed that the gpa’s calculated were 3.7 and 3.3 respectively. Why does the system apply a 0.4 gpa difference for a 1% difference in grade? I find a bit strange that the 1 percent difference isnt accounted for as something in the high 3.6s for example. Is there a reason for this?

    • We have always been transparent on the conversion for the GPA. It I can be found in the Appendix of the Applicant manual

  • Hi Dr. Panaccione,

    I am wondering how I should go about ordering transcripts from UCalgary. I am currently enrolled in my first year PhD and I have enrolled in 1 class and am waiting to be approved for enrolment into my 2nd class. I was hoping to wait until I was enrolled before I ordered transcripts so that the committee could see I have 2 classes, however I was notified by the professor that I will be allowed into the class after August 24th. I think this will be too late to order transcripts by….

    Should I wait until I am enrolled in all my classes before getting transcripts?? Does it look badly to be enrolled in only 1/2 classes although ill be taking 2?

    thanks for your insight

  • Looking more like mid-late August

    • Thanks for the update Dr. Panaccione. Out of curiosity have you made a decision on if you will release interview scores as well?

  • Hello Dr. Panaccione,

    With July nearing an end can we get an update regarding when the preinterview scores for last cycle will be released? I know you said late July is possible. Thank you.

  • Hello Dr. Panaccione,

    I am working towards a graduate degree abroad (Germany) and the semesters do not align with typical Canadian ones (October-July instead of Sept-April). Do I still select Sept-April and then put in the official dates as they are?

    Also, graduate courses are included in the UCAN GPA calculation correct? When I input them with these settings my GPA is unchanged. Perhaps it is because of the odd dates.

    Thank you!

    • There may two reasons for this:

      1. It may be that the semesters are off, in this case you can email the office and ask for an override.

      2. We only count graduate years if they are associated with a minimum of 18 credits. Therefore, if you have less than 18 credits that are graded per year then the system will not include your graduate years in the GPA calculation.

  • Hi Dr. Panaccione,
    My institution sent my transcript in the beginning of July to u of C, but it still displays as not received on my application. I realize that there are times admin updates them all at once, but I just wanted to make sure. Could you please let me know how often they sort and update the transcripts?

    Another question is about my grades. I do meet the minimum, however I’m probably at the bottom of applicants when it comes to grades. I went to school in Ontario, where it’s percent based and absolute grading. When I converted it into U of C GPA, it came out as very low. I had advanced classes with very few students, and the average of classes were sometimes 50-60%. I do have an award from prestigious national body stating I have the highest mark in my program; however again, the numerical value of my grade is very low when converted to GPA. I am a mature student, so I can’t go back to school for a second degree due to personal circumstances. Would academic committee still look at the award and the advanced classes I have taken into their considerations? I remember hearing that you put less emphasis on the award section. I just hope to at least get some points from 10% of subjective academic merit section as my 20% of GPA will be very low.

    Thank you!

    • Thank you.

      Please read the applicant manual.

      “Please note that UCAN may not indicate immediately the receipt of transcripts. This delay results from the volume of documents received in a compressed time frame”

      This is compounded by the fact we are working remotely due to the pandemic.

      We do not make adjustments in your GPA based on awards. This would be very subjective and unfair to your fellow applicants.

      Subjective academic merit does not take into account awards

      • Sorry, I did not mean at all if GPA would be adjusted based on my award, I absolutely understand that this won’t be the case. I know that 20% GPA portion is fixed, so I was wondering if 10% of academic merit and 10% intellectual curiosity sections could account for other areas. In the manual it says the committee will look at the application holistically and decide, so I just thought they may look at the award section as well. I understand that they don’t take awards into consideration. I’ll work on other areas to improve my application. Thank you for your reply.

      • Hi Dr. Panaccione,

        Sorry to bother you with this, but I’m curious about confirming receipt of transcripts. The applicant manual states “ Applicants should refrain from contacting the Admissions Office asking for confirmation that their transcripts have arrived.
        Note: if you make a change to your transcripts page after receipt of the transcript has been confirmed, the system defaults to not received. The status tab will also allow you to see whether or not you have received an invitation for interviews.”

        However, it also indicates October 1st as a hard deadline for receipt of transcripts, with no exceptions. Is there a reasonable time to reach out to inquire regarding transcripts? I certainly don’t want to rush the process as this must be an incredible amount of work especially with the constraints associated with COVID-19.

        Thank you!

        • “ Applicants should refrain from contacting the Admissions Office asking for confirmation that their transcripts have arrived.”

          Hmmm…. I have read this but I think I will ignore it and contact admissions anyway.

  • Hi Dr.Panaccione,

    The applicant manual states applicants will be able to view the completed referee forms. I haven’t been able to view any of my submitted reference letters in UCAN. Is there a reason for this? Or am I just completely misinterpreting?

    Thank you.

  • Is there a way for for GPA to be adjusted if previously attended institutions did not use A+ on their grading scale?

  • Hi Dr. Panaccione,

    In the transcript section, I am trying to add a term for my Graduate degree. However, my program of study (Master of Public Heath) is not in the list. My degree is under the Faculty of Medicine, in the department of Public Health Sciences. There is no option that allows me to add a similar degree stream either, e.g. Population or Community Health Sciences. What should I select as my program of study?

    Thank you so much for your time!

  • Hi Dr. Panaccione,

    I may be mistaken but I think that my lowest year is not being removed from my GPA calculation. I took an undergrad from 2008-2012 and then another undergrad from 2017-2019. I invoked the 10-year exclusion rule so I’m wondering if that’s why my lowest year is not being removed, but from what I understood it should still be removed because I have at least 2 years of undergrad in that time period. Should I contact the office directly?

    • *Sorry, to correct the above, I have 4 years of undergrad with the 10-year invoked: 2010-2011, 2011-2012, 2017-2018, and 2018-2019. The two year undergrad I took was a full bachelors degree.

      • As per the applicant manual:

        Applicants who invoke the 10-year exclusion rule will only have a “worst year” dropped from their GPA calculations if an entire 4-year undergraduate degree has been completed within the past 10 years.

        If what you are stating above is a complete four year degree please contact the office for an override. We will need evidence that the degree has been conferred and you graduated.