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RE: Update on File Review stage and Interview invites

January 18th, 2021 by Dr. Remo Panaccione

Dear applicants,

We are in the final stages of the file review process and we anticipate this will be complete by the end of this week. Please note:

1. Your status will change from Reviewer to Interview decision when all your file review scores have been received. The timing of this has nothing to do with whether you will be invited to an interview or not. Some applicants are still seeing application submitted. These are also at review.

2. The AdCom will meet the first week of February to discuss interview decisions and finalize the interview offer rank list.

3. We will be sending out interview invites in the latter part of the first week of February.

4. The interview stage will take the form of a Virtual MMI on Feb 20,21 and March 6, 7. PLEASE HOLD THESE DATES

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  • Should we have received an application score (ie. the pre MMI score) ? I don’t have any scores at the bottom of my application yet, it still says no scores available.

    I am wondering this because of the email that went out regarding the GPA issues on the application?

  • Should we have received an application score (ie. the pre MMI score) ? I don’t have any scores at the bottom of my application yet, it still says no scores available.

    I am wondering this because of the email that went out regarding the GPA issues on the application?

  • Dear Dr. Panaccione,

    My GPA on my application is now showing to be lower than it was when I first submitted my application. I saved a PDF version of my application back when I applied. I’m wondering why it has gone down online now.

    Thank you

  • Has there been any information released about the format of the Virtual MMI?

    Thank you,

  • Dear Dr Panaccione

    Thank you for your hard work and dedication during this difficult time!

    To account for the increase in applications, I am kindly asking you and the admission committee to consider increasing the number of interview invites.

    I understand that this will cause more burden and challenges for your team. But this will give more opportunities to many of us who were close to the cut-off last year and whose interview is a strong suit.

    Thanks so much!

  • Dr Panaccione, if I understand you correctly, this year’s non-Cohort 2 applicants not only have to have higher scores (certainly than last year) to be offered an interview, they also have to give up some interview spots which would normally be available, in order that Cohort 2 applicants can interview, despite the fact that Cohort 2 applicants did not have to compete against the same pool as non-Cohort 2 applicants for this year’s spots.

    If that is correct then, with respect, this does not seem fair. It is not true that in this circumstance applicants are ‘competing for interview spots within the environment created by that applicant pool’. Cohort 2 clearly competed for interview spots against last year’s applicant pool, and it was the Covid environment that has allowed them an automatic re-interview. To make up for Covid to Cohort 2 by taking interview spots from non-Cohort 2 applicants only perpetuates the victimization/shortchanging effect of Covid on non-Cohort 2 applicants. 

    I offer what I think is a reasonable and constructive suggestion: rather than offering fewer interview spots than would normally be expected to non-Cohort 2 applicants, would you please consider offering additional interview spots to Cohort 2 applicants? Doing so would be fair to both groups – this year’s non-Cohort 2 applicants would not lose spots to the repeat interviewees, and you could still keep your word to Cohort 2. 

    Thank you for your consideration.

    • Thank you for your suggestion. I can assure you we have considered multiple possibilities and solutions. We will announce our decisions after we have the final ranking list.

    • I think it’s also important to consider the extra burden and time that having extra interviews would cause the staff. Also, these applicants obviously had high scores so most of them would’ve got an interview anyway. Yes it’s a difficult situation to be in but understandable as cohort 2 apparently got switched online last year with little notice and should get the chance to redeem themselves. If you don’t get in this year there always remains the option to reapply! I know it’s a stressful time but all we can do is shoot our best shot :). I feel like that’s what medicine is ultimately about too, doing the best with the situation your dealt.

      • Guess who would have scored highly if this was an MMI station :)Thank you for pointing this out . You are correct on both points.

        • Thank you for your continued transparency, Dr. Panaccione!

          I know that you have addressed below that if your application status still reads “application submitted”, that is okay. Is it an issue if your application has switched back and forth between reviewer and submitted?

          As for the decisions regarding interviews, we have to keep in mind that the pandemic has not yet ended and the AdCom likely can’t resume normal work processes either. In addition to that, the online format presents a learning curve in and of itself, for both the admissions team and applicants, regardless of how many interviews are conducted.

          The process this year is different for everyone, and I can empathize with the stress this adds! From the longer timelines, to adapting to various online formats, I’m sure many people are feeling burnt out and somewhat frustrated. But we have to remember that ultimately, the process aims to admit great future physicians. 🙂

          Best of luck everyone 🙂

  • Hi Dr. P.,
    I was just wondering about indigenous applicants. Is there an increase in the number of Indigenous students who applied also? Additionally, what percent of the matriculated class is usually Indigenous applicants?

  • Hi Dr. Panaccione,

    I was wondering if you have an idea where the ~20% increase in applicants were coming from. Does it almost completely comprise of out of province applicants or do you think there is a sizeable split?

  • Hi Dr. Panaccione,

    Are there going to be additional interview spots this year to account for reapplicants who are guaranteed an interview?

    It’s my first application cycle, and I’m wondering if this means some applicants who meet the interview cutoff this year won’t receive an interview because of the guaranteed spots.

    Thank you!

    • Thank you for the question. I addressed in a previous posts. Most individuals who are guaranteed an interview are likely to score high enough in a repeat application to be interviewed again. The impact on the entire applicant pool is minimal.

      Once the scores are in and the lists generated we will be making a decision on final numbers. The ~20% increase in files at review will make it more competitive for interview spots and will have a greater impact than the guaranteed interviews

      • Hi Dr. Panaccione,

        Thank you very much for the response. In the past I believe you’ve estimated around 90% of people that re-apply will interview, if they’ve received an interview the previous year.

        That being said, I’m still concerned – if the 20% increase in applicants is going to increase the interview cutoff scores, then wouldn’t it be likely that a sizeable portion of applicants who interviewed last year, i.e. the ~10% who would usually not re-interview + X% based on the increased number of applications, who would not reach the cutoff this year under normal circumstances yet still receive an interview? Even if it’s only 15% in total lets say, that’s still a pretty large chunk of interview spots when tenths of a percentile could separate the last interviewee and the first person who doesn’t receive an interview.

        My worry is that this will have a significant adverse impact that will unfairly affect first time applicants as well as those didn’t receive an interview last year.

        • You may be correct. It may be more competitive but that does not mean it is unfair. Every year applicants compete for interview spots within the environment created by that years applicant pool.

          • To clarify, for those who will receive a guaranteed interview, does this include Cohort 2 applicants who were either i) rejected immediately post-interview, or ii) not offered a spot off the waitlist?

  • Hi Dr. Panaccione,

    Thank you for the update! Will those of us who are guaranteed an interview this year be told if we would have made the cutoff for an interview otherwise?

  • Hello Dr. Panaccione,

    Thanks for providing an update!

    on point 1., you mentioned that the status will change from Reviewer to Interview Decision Awaiting once the scores have been received.

    This might be a silly question, so I apologize for the inconvenience, but is there a difference between seeing “Application Submitted” onlu and not “Reviewer”?? Again I do apologize if this is a silly question and/or it has been answered already!


    • Please email me with your name and AMCAS number directly if this is your status. There should not be any applicants at Application submitted stage

      • Hi Dr. Panaccione

        My status is also ” Application Submitted”. I just sent an email to the admin office.
        If you believe that I should let you know directly, could you please share your email address with me?


        • It appears that some applicants are just showing application submitted even if they are at review so no need to worry

          • Ok, thank you for checking! Since we don’t have to worry, I won’t bother emailing you then if it is not a big deal. Please let me know if you would still like my name and AMCAS number!

            Thanks again

  • Hi Dr. Panaccione,

    If we are not selected for an interview, will we still receive an email notifying us of such or would our status change on UCAN to not invited for interview? Thanks.